Cut out smoke while continuing to smoke with electronic cigs

ecigarette-6If you know someone who smokes two packs a day, or you do that yourself, it’s hard to believe that they enjoy the smell of smoking, despite how much they obviously enjoy smoking. If you had the option to continue smoking at your leisure without having to smell like smoke and making your home or apartment smell like smoke, would you take it? Well there actually is a way to do that – switching to an electronic cigarette. Electronic cigarettes work through a cartridge that gives you pure nicotine in the form of a vapor when you inhale it. There is no tobacco being burned and there is no smoke being emitted.

That means that you can smoke electronic cigarettes anywhere, anytime. You will never get kicked out of a bar or restaurant for smoking an electronic cigarette, because it is not illegal. You are not putting any smoke into the atmosphere and you are not impeding on anyone’s personal space by smoking electronic cigarettes inside.

So smoking electronic cigarettes is definitely more convenient, that is clear. However, there are healthy benefits involved in smoking electronic cigarettes as well. Smoke does not only smell bad, but the smoke that you inhale when smoking is hazardous to your health. Tar clogs up your lungs and blood vessels and there are many other toxins that enter your body when you inhale the smoke of a cigarette. Since there is no smoke associated with smoking e-cigs, you are bypassing these health issues. You are inhaling a vapor that gives you the nicotine that you crave, without any of the smoke that you would rather do without.

And as mentioned previously, not only is it an option that is healthier for you, but it is also a less stinky affair as well. When you smoke regular cigarettes, no matter if you smoke a little or a lot, you are going to smell like smoke. Your clothes, hair and even skin will smell like smoke if you are a smoker of regular cigarettes. When you are smoking electronic cigarettes, you avoid smelling like an ashtray.

ecigarette-5You can also smoke inside your home with the windows closed and there will be no problems with your apartment smelling like smoke.

And if these reasons are not enough to get you to at least try electronic cigarettes out, you should also know that you could potentially save a lot of money by switching to e-cigs. Average smokers report that after switching to electronic cigarettes, they cut their nicotine costs in half compared to when they used to by packs and cartons of regular cigarettes and blow through them. The health benefits alone are reason enough to give electronic cigarettes at least a shot. You can always go back to smoking regular cigarettes if you do not enjoy smoking electronic ones.

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